“Once I saw a little boy sitting at a piano, vainly trying to bring harmony out of the keys. I saw that he was grieved and provoked by his inability to play real music. I asked him the cause of his vexation, and he answered, ‘I can feel the music in me, but I can’t make my hands go right.’ The music in him was the urge of original substance, containing all the possibilities of all life. All that there is of music was seeking expression through the child.” from ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by W. D. Wattles.


On this website you can access free online music lessons from the best You Tube Teachers in the world.

I have made this website because of a need I have myself. I just came back from a biketrip around the world. In California I met a music producer and he inspired me to follow my dream and become the grand music producer I always wanted to be.



I’m totally broke.

So I had to find the best free music lessons that were out there. The lessons I have found are so great and inspiring, that I wanted to share this with the world. These lessons are still free accessible on their You Tube channels, but on this website I brought them all together. So you and I can get the best teachers and you don’t have to find them anymore between all those thousand others.


These are the best I could find.


Enjoy learning and become the best you can be for free.


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